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Help keep food fresh longer and replace single use plastic wraps.


Our beeswax wraps start with 100% cotton fabric, beeswax from USA honey bees, tree rosin for stickiness, and jojoba oil for softness. Each edge is cut in a zig-zig pattern to prevent fraying.


Use your beeswax wraps as a sandwich wrap, a bowl cover, little bag, etc. the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to our beeswax wraps. 


Because our beeswax wraps breathe, food can too! It will stay fresh much longer than food wrapped in plastic.


When you're done, just wash them in cool soapy water. Do NOT use heat!! 


Your beeswax will last up to a year with proper care. 


Made by hand in West Virginia

Beeswax Food Wraps: Denim Chickens Set of 3

SKU: 0003
  •  100% Cotton | US Beeswax | Tree Rosin | Jojoba Oil 

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